How GXP Compliance Advisory Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Talking about GxP compliance advisory, you should first understand what exactly GxP and GxP compliance is. The “x” in GxP is a placeholder that shows different areas in the Pharma companies, drug manufacturing, distribution process, and much more.

GxP- GxP (Good Practices) is an umbrella term that depicts the FDA guidelines and regulations and guidelines for drugs.

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FDA Observation with Digital Transformation

How to Minimize FDA Observation using some DT techniques?

In the Pharmaceutical industry, you can’t avoid regulation! The consequences of manufacturing or distributing errors are limited for several businesses. However, for drug manufacturers, it is very crucial to know that any errors in making the product can leave someone’s life in danger! It will have a huge negative impact on the good health and well-being of the people across the globe who are consuming those drugs.

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Learning Management Solution

How Learning Management Systems are used in the Pharma Industry?

Today, the pharmaceutical industries are booming all around the world. As per the latest research and study completed by the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), the US is considered for more than 28% of the pharmaceutical sales globally. This growing Pharma sector shakes hands with millions of people and works with them to take their business to the next level.

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digital transformation

Pandemic Forced the Change On Us – Digital Transformation

The pandemic has reshaped consumer behavior and team expectations to the large extent possible globally. All the companies are fighting their ways up and ahead to transform their business on IoT and cloud. The role of CIO and IT heads is not only limited towards bringing Information technology as a change but to behave majorly as “Chief Influencer Officer”.

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