IoT and Cloud

Achieve Next Levels of Productivity through Industrial IOT (IIOT) and Cloud , revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility to achieve better control and allow for real-time decision making, improved quality and efficiency across manufacturing processes.


We do assessment of your current manufacturing processes and automation levels. By leveraging our industry experience with technology expertise a detailed assessment report is prepared covering the current business challenges, key reasons of failures and actions needed, quick wins etc. We also help you define the Digital Transformation strategy using the cutting edge technologies such as IoT, Cloud Services, Data Analytics etc to help you move towards Industry 4.0

Solution Implementation

Once the solution is designed and developed to your specific needs, we do the solution implementation to help your realize the value and business benefits

Solution Design and Development

After understanding the current failure pattern of your manufacturing processes, we help you design and develop an IoT solution addressing the specific needs. We also leverage our ready to use solutions as applicable.

IoT Partner Solutions

Our partner solutions in the following areas can help you achieve your transformation goals early.

  • IoT Enabled Smart Manufacturing
  • Asset Tracking
  • Condition Monitoring

Our Industry Experts are waiting to engage with you to help you begin your journey in transformation.