Predictive Analytics

TiMAD Predictive Analytics Software Improve your assets’ availability, performance, and maintenance cost by building data analytics models to predict future breakdown probabilities. Uncover the potential unseen and hidden risks and opportunities for your organization. Reduce Downtime with TiMAD’s Predictive Analytics. It will help your organization protect critical assets from unforeseen breakdowns, maximize value and gain higher returns. Our Predictive Analytics software solution intimates early warning notice and diagnosis of equipment long before the actual breakdown. This enables asset-intensive companies to reduce equipment downtime, increase availability and improve performance while curtailing maintenance and operational expenses.

Key Features

  • At TiMAD, we offer innovative and intelligent solutions to unleash the power of your data and drive your digital transformation
  • Most of the predictive analytics solutions are available using IoT but do not take advantage of the historical data to predict the trends. TiMAD’s solution brings the value of historical data along with the IoT to increase the accuracy of predictions to help you transform the way you manage and run your business and operations with highly advanced predictive solution.
  • Our solution assimilates with a wide variety of control and monitoring systems and can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. The solution is highly scalable and can expand to monitor multi-locational assets.
  • Businesses today focus on data as they form the core of the work process and offer insight, innovation, and competitive advantage. Modern companies today require intelligent data strategies to use the data flow to their advantage.
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