Quality Management Solution (QMS)

Managing the changes around product life cycle, resulting out of the Incidence, deviations, Change in SOPs, Market Complaints etc. is very cumbersome in the current manual process.

The QMS solution connect every department in each phase of the product lifecycle from concept to commercialization and beyond. It gives each department a digital environment to record observation/feedback throughout the product lifecycle. Software ensures fast responses to inputs needed from other departments. The solution helps you reduce typical paper-based errors or hybrid quality system to improve accuracy, efficiency, and keeps you up to date for future audit trials.

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Regulatory Requirements

    • Fully compliant with regulatory compliance requirements such as 21CFR Part 11 etc.
    • Complete User Management covering User creation/disable, Password Policy, Group Privileges, Password Reset etc.
    • Comprehensive Audit Trail which records each & every activity
    • Inbuilt maker/checker arrangement with complete audit trail facility

Solution Features

Incident Management

Deviation Management

CAPA Management

Change Control Management

Market Complaint Management

Corporate QA Login

Department Comments

Customer Communication

Trend Analysis

SMS/Email Facility

Ready to use reports

Solution Key Benefits

Unique but Flexible

  • Ability to personalize the solution to best match your unique business needs.
  • Software is adaptable with natural flexibility and will accommodate the most sophisticated requirements with ease.

Scalable to match the Growth

  • Adaptive to future business growth.
  • Customize your best match to fit the budgeting constraints and save on the additional cost

Quality Control Management System

Instrument Logs

Column Management

Laboratory Standard



Volumetric Solution

Format Management

Document Management

Checklist Management

Electronic Document Management System

Features at glance…

  • Single repository for all document management needs
  • Document Version Control
  • Provision to display only the latest document
  • Document archival of expired documents
  • Inbuilt Document review and approval process
  • Restrictions on downloading or uploading the documents as per access control