Medical Device Manufacturing

In the current competitive world, industries are adopting new technologies in order to deliver greater efficiency and productivity. The trend is set to upward movement especially as more manufacturers adopt digital technologies towards leveraging the benefits of Industry 4.0 concept. Research indicates that by the end of 2025 Digital Transformation through Mobility, IoT, Predictive Analytics, and Automation will be a shop floor reality than the strategic vision.

Unlock new possibilities with customized medical technology solutions

The future is digital. Healthcare reforms coupled with digital health technology are driving the demand for new and innovative medical devices. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, smart wearables, augmented reality, and automation have slowly paved their way into healthcare. The Internet of Medical Things is slowly blending with medicine and health delivery to make healthcare more accessible, precise, and cost-effective. These technologies are promising for the medical devices industry need to be aligned to harness the power of technology. TiMAD helps medical device manufacturers to meet that demand. Our robust digital technology solutions, predictive analytics, and IoT make up an integrated portfolio to monitor product development and meet the stringent regulatory compliance of the manufacturing setup. Our solutions cater to helping clients improve safety and performance, minimize risks and costs, and importantly help to meet the regulatory compliance such as CE Mark, ISO 13485 Certification.

  • Computerized Maintenance Management and Field Maintenance Solution
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Laboratory Information and Management Solution
  • Quality Management Solution
  • Predictive Maintenance using six sigma techniques and IoT
  • Intelligent Logbook
  • RRFID Enabled Stock Management
  • AI/ML Based Invoice Automation and Contract Management

Our Value Added Services for the Medical Device Manufacturing industry

CE Mark and ISO 13485 Consulting Services

Resource Augmentation

Custom Application Development

Data Analytics and IoT

Predictive Analytics

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