90% Effort Saving in FMCG Order Processing using AI/ML


Leading FMCG with holding in Packaged Food, Personal Care, Lifestyle retailing in India

Value Delivered


90 % Effort Saving in Order Data Extraction and Upload

100 % Reduction in paper

90 % Elimination of Manual Errors

95 % Accuracy Achieved

Project Scope

  • Implement the solution for Order data extraction from paper based and scanned images
  • Data upload mechanism to ERP
  • Use of RPA for data upload
  • Auto emailing of the processed invoices
  • Auto emailing of the processed invoices
  • Dashboards and reports


  • 100% automation of order processing with complete elimination of manual process.
  • Bulk order processing including Multi-page order data extraction
  • No templates needed. Extracts data using Machine Learning models.
  • User saves the template definition time and effort, since no templates need to be defined.
  • Machine Learning models handle the data extraction even if the order layout changes.
  • Intelligent extraction of line items, irrespective of the span.