Great Reduction in Efforts, Cost and Accuracy with Invoice Automation using AI/ML


Leading Rubber and Tyre manufacturer with 80% export and 2 manufacturing facilities in India

Value Delivered


75 % Time Reduced For Invoice Entries & Review Process

100 % Reduction in paper

80 % Reduction in Manpower

90 % Elimination of Manual Errors

Project Scope

  • Implement the solution for Invoice and Order data extraction from paper based and scanned images
  • Data upload mechanism to ERP
  • Trigger Review/Approval workflow (4 levels)
  • Data processing as per ERP standards
  • Auto emailing of the processed invoices
  • Log of success and failures during process
  • Dashboards and reports


  • 100% automation of invoice and order processing with complete elimination of manual process.
  • Extract invoice/order data including all the line items
  • Multipage documents are well supported
  • Complete and interactive dashboard for Invoice/Order processed
  • Supports wide-range of file formats such as PDF, JPG ,TIFF. No restriction for file uploads.
  • Bulk invoices processing including Multi-page invoice/order data extraction available