ELogBook Implementation


One of the leading pharma API company, engaged mainly in the export and regulated by USFDA guidelines. It has 3 plants in India and 1 overseas.

Value Delivered

100% Reduction in paper


60% Time reduced for Logbook entries & Review process

80% Eliminate Manual Errors

Project Scope

  • Digitized and imported all the existing logbook templates for QA and QC Department
  • Configured Review and Approval process of the shift logbooks
  • Auto emailing of the submitted logbooks to key stakeholders
  • Provision to record the critical events and Follow-ups in the shift with auto forward facility


  • All logbooks of the respective department are 100% digitized with 100% elimination of paper based process.
  • On screen data range alerts helped minimize the erroneous manual entries
  • Controlled user access and audit trail helped in achieving better compliance for regulatory audits
  • Digitized data is available for future analytics.